Babies & Children

We have made every effort to make both or our clinics as child friendly as possible.  There are books and toys available in the reception area and all treatment rooms.   All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/carer, and all parents/carers should be prepared to entertain young children during treatment.

There are times when two osteopaths may work on a patient at one time, especially in trying to resolve a difficult or stubborn problem.  This is beneficial for us as osteopaths because it aids our own learning experience, and also benefits the patient because treatment is often more effective.  These appointments are at the osteopaths’ discretion; if you are offered one please be assured that there will be no additional charge, just the usual repeat appointment fee.

At the clinic we always ensure that patients and their babies/children seek appropriate medical advice and treatment alongside any osteopathic treatment.As well as our osteopathic examination, our osteopaths are also trained to screen for infant clinical conditions, and we will advise you if we think that you need to see your health visitor or GP.