I have been seeing Sarah for treatment of a long-term health condition for the last four years.  I have found her treatment to be very beneficial and would highly recommend the practice. A helpful and friendly practice. (Garlick)

I don’t even know where to start in explaining how much my son (and myself) have been helped by Sarah.  She has been a vital part in helping my son get the best start in life. From having difficulties in breastfeeding Sarah diagnosed a tongue tie and helped us to recognise the tension that my son had in his body.  The support that Sarah has given our family has been second to none. Her supportive and understanding nature has been extremely helpful during some of our hardest times.  I would recommend anyone to visit Sarah for her support with their baby’s needs as I have learnt so much from her wealth of knowledge, and I now feel that I know and understand my baby boy so much more than I would have without her support.  There are not enough words to say thank you Sarah. Thank you so much!! (Igoe)

I first attended  the practice in January with pain to my shoulder and back.  This pain was something I had suffered with for a number of years, and it had reached the point where something had to be done to ease the pain.  From my first session I began to feel the pain reduce and I continue to make immense progress that exceeds my expectations. I have had treatment from Sarah and Janette, both of whom are lovely, professional and extremely knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.  The practice is ideally located, clean and you are made to feel very welcome. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice and cannot thank Sarah and Janette enough for all their help. (Haslam)

I have been a patient at the practice for over 10 years.  My condition is a chronic one that cannot be cured, but maintenance is essential.  I have found that the combination of osteopathy and massage at regular intervals has given me the relief to carry out a more normal and better life. I have been able to carry out my hobbies into retirement.  I believe that the time spent utilising the services of Warrington Osteopaths is the best indication that I can give, and recommend them to friends and relatives on a regular basis.   Shoulder pain and discomfort. (Swain)

I would readily recommend Sarah, and also more recently Atsuko, to anyone in need of excellent osteopathic treatment.  I have on many occasions for over 20 years benefitted from their caring and expert healing for problems with back pain, neck ache, and cramp and muscle spasms. (French)

During the past ten years I have had sixteen appointments at Warrington Osteopaths, with three of their osteopaths, either for lower back pain or pain in my left knee joint or my neck. I have always found them competent and helpful, teaching me how to move in such a way that the pain does not return. Furthermore, they never encourage you to make an appointment unless it is necessary, trying to empower you to have better posture and control of your body. (Kahn)

We received regular treatment from Sarah and saw an improvement after just a few treatments.   I cannot recommend this Osteopath enough. We can’t thank you enough for helping Joshua. (Mawdsley)

I have had occasion to consult Sarah for various conditions including Sciatica, and more recently low back pain.  Great relief was obtained from the Sciatica after three sessions.  More recently the lower back pain was fixed in one session and again some good advice with regard to self help. (Perry)

I felt the benefit after just one session and felt completely recovered after five.  My health recovered, my energy returned and I was able to take up running again. I would highly recommend Sarah. (Kenny)

Poppy had just 3 or 4 sessions and the difference was absolutely amazing.  Sarah not only used osteopathy but also advised on diet. (Carrol)

My wife Susan was undergoing treatment with the NHS which had degenerated to her using a walking stick and eventually a wheelchair.  On her first visit she entered this clinic using the walking stick and myself for support. We found it to be both clean and comfortable and were made very welcome.  She was reassured, the expert treatment she received here far exceeded our expectations. When she left the clinic, she did so unsupported without the use of her walking stick.  She has since made significant progress, due solely to the excellent treatment she has received at the Warrington Osteopathic Clinic. Our quality of life is at long last reaching some degree of normality. (Farrar)

I had a car crash ten years ago leaving me with back problems, and now and again, after too much lifting or work, I set the sciatica off.  One visit to Sarah and it’s gone instead of days of pain and taking pain killers.  Sarah is wonderful, and the odd times I’ve been in a mess she has put herself out to treat me.

I found the practice very welcoming and friendly and with regular sessions my son felt comfortable. (Flackett)