Covid 19

Further restrictions have now been lifted and there is no longer a requirement for masks to be worn in the clinic.  It is therefore now down to individual preference whether or not you choose to wear a mask whilst in the clinic.  Whilst there is no longer a requirement for staff to use PPE, it is extremely important to us  that you feel comfortable when attending appointments, therefore if you would like your osteopath to wear a mask or don apron/gloves during your appointment please request this on arrival.

What procedures are still in place?

  • We ask that if you are unwell, particularly if showing signs of respiratory infection, Flu or Covid, that you reschedule your appointment
  • Payment:  we are only accepting card payments
  • Due to having only a small reception area, we ask that you try to avoid arriving more than 5 minutes early to your appointment
  • Treatment rooms will be aerated at the end of each half day (more frequently if deemed appropriate)
  • The plinth, pillows and any equipment used will be cleaned between each patient
  • Floors, hard surfaces, chairs, desks and door handles will be cleaned at the end of each day
  • Hand sanitiser will provided for patient use throughout the clinic
  • All prams/buggies to be left in the designated pram park (Warrington clinic only)
  • Toys will be cleaned after each use