Covid 19

PPE we will be wearing:

Clinicians:       A fluid resistant mask which will be replaced each 4 hour session or if it becomes  damaged or moist.  Glasses and disposable apron and nitrile gloves replaced between each patient.

Receptionist:   At our Warrington clinic receptionists will wear a face mask.  At Moreton, receptionists will wear a face shield and gloves and there is also a screen at the front of the reception desk in Moreton.

Patients:          We request all patients (with the exception of babies & some minors) wear a surgical mask, this is provided for patients on entry into the clinic.  Exemption cards will be accepted if supported by evidence.  Hand sanitiser is provided for use prior to applying masks.

Additional steps we have taken to minimise the risk:

  • All individuals wishing to attend the clinic will undergo a personal risk assessment
  • Covid-19 screening calls the day before appointments for all individuals attending the clinic
  • All doors will be opened by staff reducing touch points
  • Hand sanitiser is provided for patients to use prior to/on entry into the clinic, in reception, in the treatment room & on exiting the clinic
  • Spacing of appointments to minimise contact with other patients & to allow for cleaning
  • At our Moreton clinic appointments are being staggered with those of other clinicians working from the clinic where possible
  • Patients are requested to arrive no earlier than their appointment time
  • All linens within the clinic have been removed, including blankets, play mat, plinth covers, pillowcases & towels
  • Pillows have been replaced with waterproof wipeable pillows
  • All toys and books have been removed
  • All non-essential items have been removed
  • Fans and fan heaters have been removed to reduce circulation of any contaminants
  • Payment is by contactless, prepayment via a link or bank transfer in advance, NO CASH is being accepted at this time
  • Appointment cards will be sent via text & receipts required for insurance will be emailed
  • Distancing in reception with the option of an outdoor waiting area, and spacing of appointments should mean patients can come straight through to the treatment room
  • Dedicated areas for donning and for doffing of PPE between patients
  • The number of people coming into the clinic has been restricted to one individual or where the patient is a child, only one parent /guardian.  Chaperones will be allowed by prior arrangement
  • Osteopaths are following social distancing outside of the clinic and will change into their work clothes on arrival at the clinic

Our cleaning regime:

 Treatment room: Hard surfaces, floor, plinth, pillows and all handles are cleaned between each patient.  Treatment rooms  will be aerated between patients and at our Warrington clinic we will alternate between our 2 treatment rooms.

Toilets: Cleaned after every use

Baby change: Nappies can be changed in the treatment room using the individuals own changing mat but we request all dirty nappies are taken with them.

What you need to consider:

Manual therapy involves close contact and it is therefore impossible to maintain social distancing during face to face appointments, whilst we have taken numerous steps to reduce the risk to staff and patients during the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to completely eliminate the risk.  Please consider also how you will travel to the clinic and any additional risk this poses.  We are also offering appointments by videocall where we can offer self help advice/exercises if you feel this would be a better option for you.